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1975Public enterprise in an intermediate regime : a study in the political economy of BangladeshBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Sobhan, R.; Ahmad, M.IDRC Only
1975Framework for the formulation and implementation of technology policies; a case study of ITINTEC in Peru.Sagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1987Technology policy failures in NigeriaNigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research; Adubifa, A.O.IDRC Only
2005Address by the Honorable Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the occasion of the first Annual Learning Forum (ALF), held at IDRC, Apr. 5, 2005Pettigrew, PierreIDRC Only
2006Young Brazilians and democracy : public participation, spheres and policies; global reportBrazilian Institute of Social and Economic AnalysesIDRC Only
2003Social watch, 2003 : the citizens' report on the quality of life in the world; the record of governments and international institutions in fulfilling their commitments (includes the social watch reports from 1996 to 2003)Instituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
1990ECOKNOWMICS : ECOnomic KNOWledge Management, Integration and Communication SystemSocial Weather Stations, Incorporated; Gamboa, E.D.IDRC Only
1989Future research on trade policy for developmentWeston, A.IDRC Only
1977Role of bureaucratic elites in segmented economic growth (class and regional terms) : a case study of Pakistan and BangladeshAhamed, E.IDRC Only
1995DEVINSA South Asian reviews and abstracts, volume 7, number 7, January 1995Development Information Network for South AsiaIDRC Only