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2003E-governance : towards a new approach to international cooperation in the knowledge economy; annual meeting of the joint Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy, 21 Mar. 2003 (an address at the seminar)O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2002Round table discussion on "Le rôle émergent des parlementaires en diplomatie", Apr. 29, 2002 : session "Les relations internationales par d'autres moyens"; Maureen O'Neil, president, IDRCO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2001Address by Maureen O'Neil to the Group of 78 ...O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2002Charting globalization : an address to the Assistant Deputy Minister Community, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, May 16, 2002O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2001Address by Maureen O'Neil to the delegates at the International Conference on Poverty, Development and Natural Capital, The Munk Centre, University of Toronto, Friday, Sept. 7, 2001O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2002Democratizing knowledge : higher education and good governance; a presentation ...O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2002Taking national public administration global : haven't been there or done that, yet; tee-shirt pending, notes for a brown bag lunch session at the School of Policy Study, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Nov. 28, 2002O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1997IDRC at the dawn of its 30 years : speech given by Maureen O'Neil ... to the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal, Nov. 21, 1997O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2007Applied research is important for building solid democraciesO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2004Speaking notes for an address at Finance Canada's executive retreat, Cornwall, ON, May 27, 2004O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access