About the IDRC Digital Library

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Definition top

The IDRC Digital Library (IDL) contains a current and comprehensive collection of research results generated by International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supported research projects. It represents the tangible intellectual output of IDRC's mandate.

Goals top

Throughout its history, IDRC has believed that to bring about positive change in the developing world, knowledge needs to be widely shared. The IDRC Digital Library raises the visibility and facilitates the retrieval of research outputs, consolidating it into a well-managed, indexed, secure, and permanent location.

The IDRC Digital Library provides long-term access to Centre-funded research outputs for developing world researchers, it fulfills IDRC's commitment to public accountability, and contributes to the global movement to remove barriers - economic, social, and geographic - to the sharing of knowledge.

IDRC also recognizes the challenges encountered by developing world researchers when they attempt to publish their research in the traditional outlets for scholarly literature. The IDRC Digital Library addresses this challenge by providing a public platform for such research.

The Collection top

The IDRC Digital Library includes

Document Delivery Service top

The IDRC Digital Library (IDL) provides access to a comprehensive collection of research outputs dating back to 1970, the year the IDRC was created. Approximately 35% of IDL metadata records include links to open access (OA) content. Digital copies of IDRC research outputs that are not openly accessible (OA) can be requested by clicking on the Request a digital copy button on condition that the output will be used for the purpose of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, parody or satire pursuant to the fair dealing provisions in the Copyright Act (Canada).