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Title: Final Technical Report: Brasil, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay
Authors: Universidad Rafael Saldívar
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The objective of the FSID project is to build microsimulation models, non-behavioral and behavioral, aimed at assessing the impact of fiscal and social policy reforms that are meant to improve tax-benefit systems in Latin America. The project generated 5 non-behavioral and 3 behavioral models for Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, using household data and implemented on open source microsimulation programs. The software has been useful for assessing not only the impact of different fiscal and social policy reforms (applications) in each country, but also for making some comparisons among them. As the ultimate goal of the project is to contribute towards more equitable, efficient and transparent economic reforms in Latin America, several applications have been made for each country and they were gathered together in a book. Moreover, presentation workshops of the methodology as well as training courses will take place in each of the five countries involved in the project. The workshops will teach academics and, even more importantly, policy-makers how to use the microsimulation tool to have more information about the impact of social and fiscal policy reforms.
Project Number: 105400
Project Title: Fiscal Schemes for Inclusive Development (FSID) : Evaluating Tax and Benefits in Latin America
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