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Title: Final Technical Report of Project ''Biogas Refregerator Production Technology''
Authors: BSERI
Keywords: BIOGAS
Date: 1996
Abstract: The Project "Biogas Refrigerator Production Technology" (91-0226) is following project of "Biogas Refrigerator" (85-1016), is also the second stage of "Biogas Refrigerator". It is a practical application phase which includes the establishment of a viable production technology for the manufacture of a biogas refrigerator, the development of production facilities, field test for trial-products, market investigation and promotion. Under the guidance of State Science and Technology Commission of the People's Republic of China and supported financially by IDRC, Canada, the research team has successfully implemented previous tasks. In the course of this project Canadian Gas Research Institute has considerably cooperated with us in improvement and simplification of combustion and control system. Canadian combustion expert, Mr. John Overall visited China in May, 1993 for helping us in field test, Program Officer of IDRC duly came to our institute and consumer field for directing our work. We are deeply thankful for their help and supporting. The research team set out to work immediately as the official approval of the project "Biogas Refrigerator Production Technology" by Canadian IDRC in April 1992. According to the aim of the project we had investigated the market of biogas refrigerators. It is realized that which type of the biogas refrigerator farmers would be fond of and how much price consumers could be afforded. From these informations it stipulates our design thought for biogas refrigerator. In 1993 and 1994 we had completed the small-batch production and field test. In order to reduce production cost and promote market we trial-produced small biogas freezers and propagandized these new products on newspapers, magazines, TV and broadcast etc. in 1995. All these will help us to transform research results into commodity and benefit peasants of China or other countries.
Project Number: 910226
Project Title: Biogas Refrigerator Production Technology
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