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Title: Needs Assessment of Human Resource Management in the Belizean Public Sector and Implications for Curricular Change at the University College of Belize
Authors: Palacio, Tim
Almendarez, Leroy
Keywords: BELIZE
Date: 1993
Abstract: The Belizean health sector is not always homogeneous with the rest of the public service due to the specialized nature of the service that it offers. However the emphasis that is placed on human resource management in the health sector is a reflection of the lack of priority placed on people management in the public sector in general. By extension this is reflected in the way how human resource management is practiced in the entire country of Belize. While some of the human resource management needs of the Belizean public sector are not easily identifiable or quantified, the following document describes the problems that exist and suggests one way how the University College of Belize can assist in addressing the problems. The overriding problems in the public sector is centered around the question of the ability of its leaders to manage effectively. This is exemplified by difficulties related to delegating, controlling, organizing, planning, and leading: all managerial functions. There are also problems related specifically to human resource management such as unclear recruitment criteria, lack of human resource planning, limited job descriptions, subjective performance appraisals, inadequate compensation and the need for more emphasis to be placed on training and labour relations. The future of the public service lies in having competent, well trained managers at all levels and in all sectors of the service. The University College of Belize stands ready to assist in training Belizean managers for the public service.
Description: Appendices 1-2 attached
Project Number: 910225
Project Title: Human Resource Management in Health Sector (Belize)
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