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Title: Safe access to basic infrastructure: more than pipes and taps [Chapter 8]
Authors: Khosla, Prabha
Dhar, Suneeta
Whitzman, Carolyn
Legacy, Crystal
Andrew, Caroline
Klodawsky, Fran
Shaw, Margaret
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Khosla, P., & Dhar, S. (2012). Safe access to basic infrastructure: more than pipes and taps. In C. Whitzman, C. Legacy, C. Andrew, F. Klodawsky, M. Shaw & K. Viswanath (Eds.), Building Inclusive Cities Women’s Safety and the Right to the City. London: Routledge.
Abstract: Building on a growing movement within developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, as well as Europe and North America, this book documents cutting edge practice and builds theory around a rights based approach to women’s safety in the context of poverty reduction and social inclusion. Drawing upon two decades of research and grassroots action on safer cities for women and everyone, this book is about the right to an inclusive city. The first part of the book describes the challenges that women face regarding access to essential services, housing security, liveability and mobility. The second part of the book critically examines programs, projects and ideas that are working to make cities safer. Building Inclusive Cities takes a cross-cultural learning perspective from action research occurring throughout the world and translates this research into theoretical conceptualizations to inform the literature on planning and urban management in both developing and developed countries. This book is intended to inspire both thought and action.
ISBN: 0415628164
Project Number: 105524
Project Title: Women's Rights and Access to Water and Sanitation in Asian Cities
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