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Title: Project Technical Report: Fair Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources: National policy development in Nepal
Authors: Paudel, Bikash
Adhikari, Kamalesh
Tamang, B B
Shrestha, Pitambar
Keywords: NEPAL
Date: 2011
Abstract: The project is being implemented by LI‐BIRD in collaboration with SAWTEE, to assess the appropriateness of policy and legal instruments, identify and strengthen institutional arrangement, strengthen multi‐stakeholder arrangement and support innovative practices serving as basis for implementing farmers’ rights and ABS in Nepal. Project simultaneously empowered the right holders and duty bearers to strengthen right duty relation on GR and ATK. Project took community based biodiversity management (CBM) framework and tested its relevancy for ensuring farmers’ rights and implementing ABS mechanism through ground demonstration and validation. The project followed evidence based advocacy and multi-stakeholder consultation strategies for improvements in national policies and laws related to agriculture biodiversity and seed in Nepal. Project was able to build the national stakeholder agreement on National policy framework for ensuring farmers’ rights in Nepal through different policy tools for local varieties, farmer bred varieties and IPR protected varieties. Project validated CBM framework for putting farmers’ rights in practice and implementing ABS in Nepal and able to draw policy recommendation for establishing mechanism to implement ABS and ensure farmers’ rights. Project reviewed most of the national policy and legal documents through multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary working groups, lead by concerned government authority and drafted amendments for most of the related policies and laws like seed policies, seed laws and regulations and agro-biodiversity policy of Nepal, refining the contradictory provisions and adding new tools. Project established biodiversity conservation and development committees (BCDC) as an appropriate community level institution to organize custodian farmers to manage community level functions related to implementing ABS and ensuring farmers’ rights. In the process, the farmers and farming communities were empowered to understand the issues of ABS and farmers’ rights. This structure has been strengthened to advocate for their rights on GR and ATK by them. Project was also able to establish multi-stakeholder agreements on the modality and framework of implementing farmers’ rights in Nepal. Similarly, project was able to successfully validated and promoted innovative practices of in-situ biodiversity management like community biodiversity registers, community seed banks, biodiversity fairs, approach of value addition and marketing of local genetic resources, participatory plant breeding and grass-root breeding, participatory varietal selection and CBM fund management in community and policy level. In the process, more than 3,221 households in five different communities of Nepal benefited from the project intervention.
Description: Report Type: Final Technical Report
Annexes 1-16 included
Project Number: 104283
Project Title: Fair Access to and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources : National Policy Development (China, Jordan, Nepal, Peru)
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Copyright: LI-BIRD
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