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Title: An Institutional Account of China's HIV/AIDS Policy Process from 1985 to 2010
Authors: Knusten, W
Keywords: CHINA
Date: 2012
Citation: Knusten, W. (2012). An Institutional Account of China's HIV/AIDS Policy Process from 1985 to 2010. Politics & Policy, 40 (1): 161-192. doi: 10.1111/j.1747-1346.2011.00339.x
Abstract: China's HIV/AIDS policy progress displays a long-term stagnancy followed by a sudden revolution. This article utilizes multiple theoretical tools to interpret this policy progress. It identifies four phases of China's HIV/AIDS policy process: (1) institutional endurance interpreted by path dependence from historical institutionalism; (2) deinstitutionalization explained by Oliver's antecedents of deinstitutionalization; (3) the radical shift interpreted by Kingdon's agenda-setting theory; and (4) reinstitutionalization and diffusion of institutional theory. This study demonstrates the utility of “creative borrowing”—employing multiple theoretical tools to harness the strengths of each. Doing so reveals that a country's past experience with similar policy issues, the perceived political and moral legitimacy of existing policies, and a country's existing political interests can exert resistance to change. In the presence of multiple pressures for change, policy entrepreneurs who can identify policy windows and couple multiple streams may achieve radical policy shifts.
ISSN: 1747-1346
Project Number: 103460
Project Title: Teasdale-Corti Global Health Research Partnership
Copyright: The Policy Studies Organization
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