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Title: One-Day Preliminary National Consultation on Access to Patented Knowledge "Patents and Platform Technologies: Understanding Implications for Research and Development in Malaria and Tuberculosis"
Authors: Sriram, K
Date: 2010
Abstract: Mr. Linu Mathew Philip, Executive Director, Centad warmly welcomed all distinguished resource people and delegates attending the consultation. He began the introduction by stating the importance of platform technology as an inter-phase to access medicine, in a time when pathogens were getting more resilient and there are fewer technologies to take on these issues. Mr. Philip also mentioned about Centad‟s dreams of access to medicines by taking on the policy issues effectively and aggressively. To make policies enable in such a way that people can have access to medicines and access to innovations, adding that technologies can find a good solution to these existing disease and the diseases that maybe coming in the course of time...
Project Number: 104529
Project Title: Accessing Patented Knowledge for Innovation
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