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Title: Quality of Civil Society Participation in National Education Sector Policy Processes: A Case Study of Mali
Authors: Cherry, Suzanne Marie
University of Toronto Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Keywords: MALI
Date: 2007
Abstract: This thesis explores the participation of Mali's civil society actors in policy design and implementation processes relating to Mali's education sector program, PRODEC (Programme Decennal de Developpement de l'Education). Drawing from scholarly literature, this research applies concepts of civil society, governance of education and participation to civil society actors in their support, negotiation, interpretation, and contestation of national education sector policy. The timeframe is from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. The study examines the dramatic changes of that period, including the expansion of community schools and the introduction of education decentralization. Particular attention is paid to: the variation in experiences between different types of civil society actors; the relationships of civil society actors with government and with international donors; and the relationships between civil society actors themselves. The study identifies six major factors which influence the quality of civil society actors' participation in policy design and implementation processes.
Project Number: 103524
Project Title: Civil Society Participation in the Governance of Educational Systems
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Copyright: Cherry, Suzanne Marie
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