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Title: One assumption, two observations and some guiding questions for the practice of agro-ecosystem health
Authors: Waltner-Toews, D
Murray, T
Kay, J
Gitau, T
Raez-Luna, E
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Waltner-Toews, D., Murray, T., Kay, J., Gitau, T., Raez-Luna, E., & McDermott, J. J.(2000). One assumption, two observations and some guiding questions for the practice of agro-ecosystem health. In M. A. Jabbar, D. G. Peden, M. A. Mohamed Saleem & H. Li Pun (Eds.), Agro-ecosystems, natural resources management and human health related research in East Africa: Proceedings of an IDRC—ILRI international workshop held at ILRI, Add is Ababa Ethiopia, 11—15 May 1998. Nairobi, KE: International Livestock Research Institute.
Abstract: The paper describes the features of agro-ecosystem health as a paradigm or framework to study and develop sustainable agricultural systems. It is posited that agro-ecosystem health research is undertaken in order to help people make better decisions with regard to managing the ecosystems in which they live and grow food. Agro-ecosystems can be viewed and interpreted from a variety of non-equivalent perspectives, and within each perspective, agro-ecosystems can be viewed and understood at different spatial and temporal scales. Therefore, whose perspective is taken into account in identification of constraints and priorities, and designing solutions will determine whether research and development efforts will lead to sustainable agricultural systems.
ISBN: 92-9146-068-0
Project Number: 004322
Project Title: Health, Biodiversity and Natural Resource Use in the Western Amazon Lowlands : an Integrated Agro-ecosystem Approach
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