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Title: African Highland Initiative: A framework for research and development on NRM in the highlands of East and Central Africa
Authors: Stroud, A
Date: 2000
Citation: Stroud, A. (2000). African Highland Initiative: A framework for research and development on NRM in the highlands of East and Central Africa. In M. A. Jabbar, D. G. Peden, M. A. Mohamed Saleem & H. Li Pun (Eds.), Agro-ecosystems, natural resources management and human health related research in East Africa: Proceedings of an IDRC—ILRI international workshop held at ILRI, Add is Ababa Ethiopia, 11—15 May 1998. Nairobi, KE: International Livestock Research Institute.
Abstract: The African Highlands Initiative (AHI) is an ecoregional programme which seeks to develop and implement an integrated research and development agenda on natural resource management (NRM) at nine selected benchmark locations in five countries in the region: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Madagascar. AHI research programme, while emphasising sustainability of the highland areas will: 1) focus on integrating solutions to NRM issues by adopting participatory and integrated systems approaches; 2) strengthen partnerships and greater collaboration of a wide range of institutions and organisations to achieve more effective and efficient research and development; 3) improve the integration of biophysical and social science research, thus marrying human and technical dimensions; and 4) link policy formulation to technology development. Phase I concentrated on characterisation and diagnosis of the benchmark locations to give Phase 11 (starting in 1998) more specific direction. Research in Phase I concentrated on pest—disease complexes which are exacerbated by low soil fertility in intensively cultivated systems and on soil fertility maintenance and improvement. Phase II will build on these areas and give increased attention to integrated NRM research at the community level on one hand and to regional links on the other. The premise being a greater impact by concentrating expertise and resources as well as enhancing the transfer of technology and information across the region. National agricultural research systems (NARS), International Agricultural Research Centres (IARCs), farmers, local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and extension agents are the major partners joining forces in this effort.
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ISBN: 92-9146-068-0
Project Number: 055359
Project Title: African Highland Resource Management - Phase II
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