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Title: Laboratory Evaluation of the Use of Alkaline Phosphate Wastes for the Control of Acidic Mine Drainage
Authors: Hakkou, R
Benzaazoua, M
Bussière, B
Date: Jul-2009
Citation: Hakkou, R., Benzaazoua, M., & Bussière, B. (2009). Laboratory Evaluation of the Use of Alkaline Phosphate Wastes for the Control of Acidic Mine Drainage. Mine Water and the Environment, 28 (3): 206-218. doi:10.1007/s10230-009-0081-9
Abstract: Pyrrhotite tailings at the abandoned Kettara mine site in Morocco are producing acid mine drainage (AMD). We investigated the use of alkaline phosphate waste (APW) rock from a nearby operating open-pit phosphate mine to control the AMD. The neutralizing potential of the APW, using the Paktunc method, was estimated between 500 and 680 kg CaCO3/t. In laboratory column tests, the addition of 15 wt% APW to the coarse Kettara tailings produced leachates with significantly lower acidities and metal concentrations than unamended controls. The high calcium concentration in the flushed solutions indicates that calcite was responsible for the neutralization. Dolomite dissolution seems to be negligible and fluorapatite was stable under the testing conditions. It was also observed that when the treated solution comes in contact with unweathered Kettara coarse tailings, the pH becomes acidic, although the metal concentrations remain low.
ISSN: 1616-1068
Project Number: 104519
Project Title: International Research Chairs Initiative (IRCI)
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