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2012Biochemical composition and performance of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) eggs and larvae obtained from farmed and wild broodstocksCeccon Lanes, Carlos Frederico; Tilahun Bizuayehu, Teshome; Bolla, Sylvie; Martins, Camila; de Oliveira Fernandes, Jorge ManuelIDRC Only
2013Mortality, bioaccumulation and physiological responses in juvenile freshwater mussels (Lampsilis siliquoidea) chronically exposed to copperJorge, Marianna B.; Loro, Vania L.; Bianchini, Adalto; Wood, Chris M.; Gillis, Patricia L.IDRC Only
2012Estimation of zooplankton secondary production in estuarine waters : Comparison between the enzymatic (chitobiase) method and mathematical models using crustaceansRamos Avila, Tatiana; Abel de Souza Machado, Anderson; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
2012Copper effects on key metabolic enzymes and mitochondrial membrane potential in gills of the estuarine crab Neohelice granulata at different salinitiesMachado Lauer, Mariana; Bento de Oliveira, Camila; Inocencio Yano, Natalia Lie; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
2012Assessment of water quality in coastal waters of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil : biomarker analyses in Amphistegina lessoniide Freitas Prazeres, Martina; Eslava Martins, Samantha; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
2013Growth hormone transgenesis affects osmoregulation and energy metabolism in zebrafish (Danio rerio)Volcan Almeida, Daniela; de Martinez Gaspar Martins, Camila; de Azevedo Figueiredo, Márcio; Ceccon Lanes, Carlos Frederico; Bianchini, Adalto; Marins, Luis FernandoIDRC Only
2012Cobia Rachycentron canadum L. reared in low-salinity water : does dietary sodium chloride affect growth and osmoregulation?Santos, Renato A.; Bianchini, Adalto; Jorge, Marianna B.; Romano, Luis A.; Sampaio, Luís A.; Tesser, Marcelo B.IDRC Only
2013Acute waterborne copper toxicity to the euryhaline copepod Acartia tonsa at different salinities : influence of natural freshwater and marine dissolved organic matterCarvalho Rodrigues Monteiro, Sandra; Lopes Leães Pinho, Grasiela; Hoffmann, Karine; Barcarolli, Indianara Fernanda; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
Oct-2011Cadmium and calcium transport along the gastro-intestinal tract of rainbow trout : more than “gut feelings” on mechanisms of uptakeKlinck, Joel S.; Biology Department, McMaster UniversityIDRC Only
2012Waterborne copper exposure inhibits ammonia excretion and branchial carbonic anhydrase activity in euryhaline guppies acclimated to both fresh water and sea waterAlex M. Zimmer; Indianara Fernanda Barcarolli; Chris M. Wood; Adalto BianchiniIDRC Only
2012Transepithelial potential in the Magadi tilapia, a fish living in extreme alkalinityWood, Chris M.; Bergman, Harold L.; Bianchini, Adalto; Laurent, Pierre; Maina, JohnIDRC Only
2012Oxidative stress parameters and antioxidant response to sublethal waterborne zinc in a euryhaline teleost Fundulus heteroclitus : protective effects of salinityLoro, Vania Lucia; Jorge, Mariana Basso; Rios da Silva, Kassio; Wood, Chris M.IDRC Only
Sep-2012Quantifying the direct and indirect effects of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) on aquatic organisms : interaction with pH and quality measuresAl-Reasi, Hassan AliOpen Access
Dec-2011Investigations into the formation of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) social hierarchies and possible hierarchical disruption by an environmental perturbationGrobler, Josias; Department of Biology, McMaster UniversityOpen Access
2012Effect of Pb, Zn, Cu and Ni on the embryonic and larval stages of S. purpuratusTellis, Margaret Silvia; Department of Biology, McMaster UniversityOpen Access
15-Feb-2012Efeito da temperatura na sobrevivência, consumo alimentar e crescimento de pós-larvas do camarão-rosa Farfantepenaeus paulensisSoares, Roberta; Peixoto, Sílvio; Bianchini, Adalto; Cavalli, Ronaldo; Wasielesky, WilsonOpen Access
2011New insights into gill epithelial transport: Linking ammonia excretion and sodium uptakeWright, P A; Wood, C M; Cooper, C A-
2011Mechanisms of sodium extrusion in isolated mitochondria-rich cells of the freshwater mussel Lasmigona costata after copper exposureNogueira, L S; Wood, C M; Bianchini, A; Gillis, P L-
2011Avaliação da lipoperoxidação em peixe como potencial biomarcador de contaminação aquáticaGomes, E G; Machado, A A S; Hoff, M L M; Bianchini, A-
2011Effects of salinity on growth of juvenile mullet Mugil platanusLisboa da Cunha, Viviana; Barcarolli, Indianara Fernanda; Sampaio, Luis André; Bianchini, Adalto-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40
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