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Title: Characteristics of snail farmers and constraints to increased production in West and Central Africa
Authors: Ngenwi, A.A.
Mafeni, J.M.
Etchu, K.A.
Oben, F.T.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Academic Journals
Abstract: Snail gathering/rearing is an important source of livelihood for rural dwellers in the humid forest and derived savanna zones of West and Central Africa. Recently, declining populations of Archachatina archachatina and Archachatina marginata species is being observed, with climatic conditions and changes in land use implicated as causal factors. However, these claims are still to be ascertained. A study was carried out to characterize snail farmers, identify constraints to increased snail production and suggest strategies required to conserve edible snail species and sustain livelihoods. Structured questionnaires and focus group discussions were used for data collection in selected locations in Cameroon and Ghana. Descriptive statistics (means and percentages) was used to summarize the data obtained. The results indicate that snail farmers are predominantly women with basic school level of education. Between 42 and 62% of rural income is derived from sale of snails. Causes of declining snail populations were attributed to habitat loss through deforestation, overexploitation, indiscriminate harvesting, climate change - indicated by extremely high temperatures and low rainfall, high dependence on agricultural chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) and lack of training on improved snail husbandry. A holistic approach to biodiversity conservation and capacity building of current and wouldbe snail farmers is suggested to increase snail supply in markets.
ISSN: 1991-637X
Project Number: 104391
Project Title: African Climate Change Fellowship
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