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Title: Lives and livelihoods of the newly displaced people along the Thai-Burma border in Northern Thailand : final technical report
Authors: Vaddhanaphuti, Chayan
Date: 2012
Publisher: Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, TH
Abstract: The research focuses on the newly displaced people along the Thai-Burma border in order understand how they fled, stayed and made a living while the Thai authorities denied their existence. The study employs different methods of data gathering: interview, observation, key informant interview and life history. The newly displaced people came from the borderland between Thailand and Burma which has long been a zone of conflict until recently. However, the area has also been penetrated by capitalist economy for two decades. When the displaced people fled to Thai side in November 2010, some of them could find place to stay with their Karen relatives and worked with their former employers becoming illegal or even legal migrant workers. Some women helped themselves by running small business in the village they stayed. While humanitarian organizations delivered aid to these displaced people, local communities including Buddhist monasteries and Christian churches were active in providing shelter, food, etc. during the first few months. In the later period, religion played a significant role in providing education for their children, raising funds and, more importantly, giving spiritual support. The newly displaced people began to return to their home villages, but many still remained in Thai side for they were afraid of landmines or 3 being taken as porter. The research helps to demystify the identity of displaced people and the borderland and has implications for border policy and humanitarian assistance.
Project Number: 106646
Project Title: Lives and Livelihoods of Displaced Communities in Northern Thailand
Access: Open Access
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