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Title: Using demand side management to adapt to water scarcity and climate change in the Saïss basin, Morocco
Authors: Legrouri, A.
Kettani, D.
Kalpakian, J.
Date: 2012
Publisher: Al Akhawayn University Ifrane, Ifrane, MA
Abstract: This project proceeded on three tracks, a technical approach oriented towards testing the feasibility of and dissemination of drip irrigation techniques in disadvantaged contexts in the Saïss Basin, a part of the Sebou River Basin, in Morocco. We also conducted a KAP survey and its associated qualitative work that aimed to establish what the population knows about Climate Change and how it utilizes existing state efforts to mitigate the damage of Climate Change and excessive abstraction of water resources. The expansion of the farmers’ capacity to utilize the resources made available by the state through the formation of cooperatives and using the loans and grants provided for drip irrigation was the third locus of our project and it is the one that was most successful. This aspect was actualized through our Climate Change and Training workshops which directly led to the formation of the Zoubiya cooperative by local farmers. The cooperative’s members pooled their resources to create a water reservoir and drip irrigation systems for its members thereby increasing the adaptive capacity of the region in response to water shortages.
Project Number: 105439
Project Title: Using Demand Side Management to Adapt to Water Scarcity and Climate Change in the Saiss Basin (Morocco)
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