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Title: Final technical report / From War to Politics : Non-State Armed Groups in Transition, 2009-2011
Authors: Dudouet, Véronique
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Berghof Foundation, Berlin, DE
Abstract: This report presents the genesis, implementation and outcomes of a 23-months project which aimed at analyzing the role and approaches of Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) in processes of security transition. The first phase (October 2009-October 2010) focused on gathering, analysing and discussing conceptual and empirical findings on post-war security transition processes, while the second phase (November 2010-February 2012) was primarily concerned with the evaluation, publication and dissemination of lessons learnt towards policy and academic audiences by the network of participants. The project’s main activities included: - establishing nine local research teams combining researchers and insider experts (former combatants), who have been involved in all phases of the research processes; - producing 3 ‘Transition Series’ case study reports, a edited book and a policy report (in 3 languages); - conducting two network meetings (Bogota May 2010, Ottawa May 2011), two policy workshops (Ottawa May 2011, Brussels February 2012), a peer-advice meeting (Kathmandu February 2012) and an advisory committee meeting (November 2010). As a result, the project contributed to (a) our increased understanding of the dynamics of post-war security and political transitions from a unique actors’ perspective; (b) the consolidation of a network of expertise able to engage in serious self-reflection and comparative research on the timing, components and ownership of peacebuilding processes, and (c) the provision of research-based peer-advice and policy recommendations towards conflict-affected or post-war governments as well as international mediators and peacebuilding agencies.
Project Number: 105768
Project Title: From War to Politics : Non-State Armed Groups in Transition, 2009-2011
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