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Title: Securing the future of youth through ICTs : a case study of the KiBO youth leadership and empowerment model; final technical report
Authors: Asingwire, Narathius
Muhangi, Denis
Bulwa Wamala, Freda
KiBO Foundation
Makerere University. Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Keywords: YOUTH
Date: 2011
Publisher: Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Makerere University, Kampala, UG
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to document on-going youth empowerment initiatives in the E.African region with a special focus on the KiBO Leadership and Empowerment Model in order to generate lessons for planning and policy in the use of ICTs to empower the youth. Data was collected from stakeholders in Uganda and other East African Countries, using interviews, group discussions, workshops, online discussions, literature review, and participating in KiBO events. The key findings of this study are that all East African countries have in place enabling policies and laws aimed at promoting youth empowerment but these are still to be fully translated into practicable actions. There are a variety of youth-focused initiatives in the region, the successful ones being those that provide trainings of a practical relevance; have strong underlying values and principles; focus on holistic change of the individual – including attitude change; use innovative strategies such as mentorship, internships, group work, and talent grooming; and have support from relevant government agencies. KiBO delivers its training program using a seven pillars frame work that promotes employability, entrepreneurship, and community services. By the time of this study, more than 140 youths had gone through KiBO’s 3-month training program, and 800 youth had participated in and benefited from KiBO programme activities. Up to 13% of the alumni have started up their own enterprises, and the engagement rate of graduating KiBO students is over 90%. The key recommendations from the study include the need for refocusing training programmes to include practical, attitudechanging training content and techniques.
Project Number: 106124
Project Title: Securing a Future for Youth through ICTs
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