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Title: Gender analysis for ICT localisation initiatives
Authors: Angela M. Kuga Thas
Chat Garcia Ramilo
Date: 2011
Publisher: Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Melville, ZA
Abstract: Localisation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is the process of adapting and customising software so that a specific community or locale can use it. It involves translating websites, software and online documentation into the language of the specific target audience, and ensuring that the content, style, graphics and cultural conventions used are appropriate. Localisation initiatives do not exist in a vacuum. From design and development to testing and scaling-up, they are not free from the influence of social norms. Without a gender analysis, and without taking into account the gender considerations in the development and deployment of technological infrastructure and software, localisation initiatives could widen the digital gap between women and men. The Gender Analysis for ICT Localisation Initiatives guide reflects the collective lessons of localisation initiatives in Asia which used APC's Gender Evaluation Methodology for Internet and ICTs (GEM) to strengthen their gender perspective in project planning, monitoring and evaluation. Use this guide to obtain ideas of what is possible within existing resource constraints, to gain a better understanding of the significance of gender and its effects on localisation initiatives, and to promote a "learning for change" culture within your project or organisation. This is a complementary guide to the GEM manual which was developed by APC within the APC's women's programme after we began investigating the impact of our work in 2000. We asked ... What changes are empowering women? How are these changes being measured? What role do ICTs play in these changes? How do these changes shift gender relations between women and men?
ISBN: 978-92-95096-00-4
Project Number: 103586
Project Title: Gender Evaluation Methodology II: Building Gender and Evaluation Practice within the ICT for Development Community
Access: Open Access
License: Open Access - distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License
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