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Title: Technical report : building capacity for feminist research in Africa; gender, sexuality and politics (January 2009-August 31, 2010)
Authors: Bennett, Jane
Date: 2010
Publisher: African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, ZA
Abstract: The overarching context for this programme, first designed to take place over 2006-2008, involved three principal concerns: the complexity of issues of sexualities and gender in current African contexts; the need for excellent qualitatively-based research capable of addressing such issues in a way that is informed not only by all relevant knowledges but also by resilient, ethical, and context sensitive methodologies; and, the history of feminist activism, policy-making, and research in African contexts over the past two decades which has developed tools especially well suited to the creation of valuable knowledges on sexual violence, reproductive and sexual politics, culture and femininities/masculinities, HIV and AIDs, poverty and the body. The general objectives of the research were: - To stimulate strong, African-based, research which takes issues of sexuality and gender seriously. - To support current African research initiatives through offering in-depth opportunity to develop conceptual and methodological tools for African feminist writers and researchers relatively new to issues of sexuality. An underspend of the grant given by IRC to support the African Gender institute in implementing these objectives (accounted for in the Technical and Financial Reports of 2008) led to the possibility of supporting the production of a book which collated some of the work of those involved with the Training Seminars designed to reach the two objectives above. This technical report outlines the work done on the production of this book during the period of the Extension Grant.
Project Number: 103479
Project Title: Building Capacity for Feminist Research in Africa : Gender, Sexuality and Politics
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