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Title: Dairy cattle development: environmental consequences and pollution control options in Hanoi Province, North Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Quoc Chinh
Date: 2005
Publisher: EEPSEA, IDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Singapore, SG
Series/Report no.: EEPSEA research report series / IDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; no. 2005-RR6
Abstract: This study assesses several pollution control options available to cattle farmers in North Vietnam. Cattle numbers in Vietnam –and with it cattle manure – are increasing as demand for milk rises. This is causing problems for the environment and for people’s health. The study focused on the Gia Lam district in suburban Hanoi, where cattle raising is becoming a key economic activity. Three communes were studied: Phu Dong, Trung Mau, and Duong Ha. Three types of pollution control technologies were studied: (a) the ‘traditional’ method, in which cattle waste is disposed of in a hole in the ground; (b) large and small-scale biogas digesters; and (c) having manure taken away by a contractor. Each was assessed in terms of effectiveness, practicality and cost. The report finds that pollution caused by cattle is having a significant impact on the environment and on people’s quality of life. Encouragingly, it also finds that small-scale biogas digesters offer an appropriate and practical solution to the problem. It therefore recommends that the Vietnamese Government provide technical and financial support - backed up with education and awareness campaigns – to encourage the development of biogas digesters of an appropriate scale and technological sophistication at the family and commune levels.
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ISBN: 1-55250-167-1
Project Number: 003591
Project Title: EEPSEA (Economy and Environment Program for South East Asia) - Phase III
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