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2015Flooding in the suburbs of Dakar : impacts on the assets and adaptation strategies of households or communitiesCissé, Oumar; Sèye, MoustaphaIDRC Only
2014Ecohydrology of ecosystem transitions : a meta-analysisViglizzo, Ernesto F.; Nosetto, Marcelo D.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Ricard, M. Florencia; Frank, Federico C.IDRC Only
2015Charcoal production in the Dry Chaco: Where, how and who?Vanezza Rueda, Carla; Baldi, Germán; Gasparri, Ignacio; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2014Higher water-table levels and flooding risk under grain vs. livestock production systems in the subhumid plains of the PampasNosetto, M.D.; Paez, R.A.; Ballesteros, S.I.; Jobbagy, E.G.IDRC Only
22-Jan-2015What does it take to flood the Pampas? : lessons from a decade of strong hydrological fluctuationsKuppel, S.; Houspanoussian, J.; Nosetto, M.D.; Jobbágy, E.G.IDRC Only
2015Rainwater harvesting in Dry Chaco : regional distribution and local water balanceMagliano, Patricio N.; Murray, Francisco; Baldi, Germán; Aurand, Santiago; Páez, Ricardo A.; Harder, Wilbert; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2014Imprint of crop choice on global nutrient needsJobbágy, Esteban G.; Sala, Osvaldo E.Open Access
2015Woody plant-cover dynamics in Argentine Savannas from the 1880s to 2000s : the interplay of encroachment and agriculture conversion at varying scalesGonzález-Roglich, Mariano; Swenson, Jennifer J.; Villarreal, Diego; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Jackson, Robert B.Open Access
2014Interactive effects of water-table depth, rainfall variation, and sowing date on maize production in the Western PampasFlorio, E.L.; Mercau, J.L.; Jobbágy, E.G.; Nosetto, M.D.IDRC Only
2014Cultivating the dry forests of South America : diversity of land users and imprints on ecosystem functioningBaldi, Germán; Houspanossian, Javier; Murray, Francisco; Rosales, Adriel A.; Rueda, Carla V.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2014Balancing agricultural and hydrologic risk in farming systems of the Chaco plainsGiménez, Raúl; Mercau, Jorge L.; Houspanossian, Javier; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2015Precipitation event distribution in Central Argentina : spatial and temporal patternsMagliano, Patricio N.; Fernández, Roberto J.; Mercau, Jorge L.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2014Livestock stations as foci of groundwater recharge and nitrate leaching in a sandy desert of the Central Monte, ArgentinaMeglioli, Pablo A.; Aranibar, Julieta N.; Villagra, Pablo E.; Alvarez, Juan A.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
2013Geophysical subsurface imaging for ecological applicationsJayawickreme, Dushmantha H.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Jackson, Robert B.IDRC Only
2013Onset of deep drainage and salt mobilization following forest clearing and cultivation in the Chaco plains (Argentina)Amdan, M.L.; Aragón, R.; Jobbágy, E.G.; Volante, J.N.IDRC Only
2013Land-use and topography shape soil and groundwater salinity in Central ArgentinaNosetto, M.D.; Acosta, A.M.; Jayawickreme, D.H.; Ballesteros, S.I.; Jackson, R.B.; Jobbágy, E.G.IDRC Only
Aug-2013Rendimiento hídrico en cuencas primarias bajo pastizales y plantaciones de pino de las sierras de Córdoba (Argentina)Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Acosta, Ana M.; Nosetto, Marcelo D.IDRC Only
2013Radiation budget changes with dry forest clearing in temperate ArgentinaHouspanossian, Javier; Nosetto, Marcelo; Jobágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
Dec-2014Productividad y consumo de agua de maíz tardío en el centro de San Luis (Argentina) : cambios provocados por la fertilización nitrogenadaMercau, J.L.; Ibarra, M.A.; Jobbagy, E.G.IDRC Only
2012Producción de soja y uso de agua freática en ambientes medanososScilingo, Juan Manuel; Cisneros, José María; Giayetto, Oscar; Jobbágy, EstebanIDRC Only
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 620
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