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Title: Research on the development mode of artificial ecology in Tarim Basin
Authors: Liu Wenqiang
Gu Shuhua
Shen Hong
Zhong Xincai
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: The ecological environment in the oases in Tarim Basin becomes more deteriorative since recent 2000 years, especially since recent 100 years due to the over exploitation and utilization of natural resources. In this paper, a comparative analysis between artificial ecology and natural ecology on the aspects of consumption of water resources, effectivity of ecological and environmental protection, management expenses and output benefits is carried out based on the experiences of the oases' construction in Tarim Basin. The results show that the high - benefit artificial ecology is more effective for ecological protection than the low-output natural ecology. Taking the ecological environment in the area on the southern bank of Tarim River in Xayar County as an example, a dynamic input-output analysis is made for the program of forestry construction and land exploitation in the southern part of Tarim Basin, the paper also analyzes the impact of the construction of irrigation works, soil improvement, and implementation of the measures for protecting against wind and fixing sand upon agricultural production. The calculation results show clearly that the artificial ecological construction and land exploitation can be coordinatedly developed. An ecological agriculture with the high quality and high yield will be able to be reached by the way of spiral growth mode with low-input, high-output and re-input so as to achieve a tight connection between the construction of irrigation works, soil improvement, protection against wind and sand fixation, and provide a new way for reforming the traditional agriculture, protecting ecological environment, and realizing a sustainable development.
Description: Text in Chinese, abstract in English
Project Number: 040410
Project Title: CBNRM - Tarim Basin Desertification and Water Management (China) - Phase II
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