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Title: Natural resource management : the impact of gender and social issues
Authors: Flintan, Fiona
Tedla, Shibru
Date: 2010
Publisher: IDRC, Ottawa, ON, CA
Abstract: This book reveals how innovation in natural resource management can contribute to rural poverty reduction. Drawing from research throughout eastern and southern Africa, the contributing authors present a synthesis of lesson from both policy and practice. They look at various multi-stakeholder approaches to natural resource management, showing which ones have worked and why. They describe how researchers and development practitioners navigate the dynamics of complex socio-ecological systems. They analyze the outcomes and impacts of development projects, and present comparative insights on methodological, technological, policy, and institutional innovations. Overall, this book explores new trends and drivers in natural resource management and rural poverty in an age of rapid environmental, economic, political, and social change in eastern and southern Africa. It will be of interest to researchers and academics in agriculture, natural resource management, social science, and related disciplines; development professionals and practitioners, including research managers, extension workers, and project managers; post-secondary educators and students, primarily in development studies, African studies, and agricultural and environmental sciences; government planners (primarily in Africa) and national and international policy advisors; and desk officers and department heads in donor organizations.
Description: Co-published with Fountain Publishers and the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA)
Revised edition / First published in 2007 by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa under the title "Gender and social issues in natural resource management research for development"
ISBN: 978-1-55250-483-3
Project Number: 105347
Project Title: Regional Synthesis and Dissemination of Research Results in Eastern and Southern Africa
Access: Open Access
Copyright: IDRC
License: IDRC is copyright holder
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