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Title: Equity, governance and financing after health care reform : lessons from Mexico
Authors: Arredondo, Armando
Orozco, Emanuel
Date: 2007
Publisher: John Wiley, Mississauga, CA
Series/Report no.: International journal of health planning and management; No. 23, 2008
Abstract: To determine, from the perspective of providers, community leaders and users of health services, equity, governance and health financing outcomes of the Mexican health system reform. Crosssectional study oriented towards the qualitative analysis of financing, governance and equity indicators for the uninsured population. Taking into account feasibility, as well as political and technical criteria, six Mexican states were selected as study populations and a qualitative research was conducted during 2004-2006. Two hundred and forty in-depth interviews were applied, in all selected states, to 60 decision-makers, including medical and administrative personnel; 60 service providers at health centres; 60 representatives of civil organizations, including municipal representatives and, finally, 60 members of health committees and users of services at second and first levels of care units. The analysis of interviews was performed using ATLAS-Ti software...
Project Number: 101862
Project Title: Equity, Financing and Decentralization in Mexico
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