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Title: Uganda National Policy Dialogue for the Malaria - ACT Policy Brief : UNHRO Secretariat, Entebbe, Uganda, Thursday, 23rd April 2008; report of the meeting
Authors: Uganda National Health Research Organisation
Date: 2009
Publisher: Uganda National Health Research Organisation, Entebbe, UG
Abstract: Uganda National Health Research Organisation (UNHRO)’s bill has been enacted by Parliament, and the organization is now mandated to coordinate health research in the country, promote ethics and good practice in research, and ensure use of research evidence in health interventions and health policies. Researchers, policymakers, health managers and civil society participated in the policy dialogue meeting. An important output from the meeting was the decision to include the Malaria-ACT policy brief among the resource documents in developing the new National Health Policy.
Project Number: 104024
Project Title: Research Matters in Governance, Equity and Health - Phase II
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