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Title: Quality of life and health perceptions among fish-eating communities of the Brazilian Amazon : an ecosystem approach to well-being
Authors: Fillion, Myriam
Sousa Passos, Carlos José
Lemire, Mélanie
Fournier, Bertrand
Mertens, Frédéric
Davée Guimarães, Jean Remy
Mergler, Donna
Keywords: MERCURY
Date: 2008
Publisher: Springer, New York, NY, NY
Abstract: Mercury (Hg) contamination in the Brazilian Amazon constitutes a serious environmental and public health issue. This study is part of the CARUSO Project, which uses an ecosystem approach to human health to examine the sources, transmission, and effects of Hg in the Brazilian Amazon, with a view to developing preventive intervention strategy. To date, studies have focused on measures of Hg exposure through fish consumption in relation to health effects; little attention has been given to quality of life (QoL). The objective of this study was to examine the relations between QoL and health perceptions, Hg exposure, sociodemographics, living conditions, and lifestyle in communities along the Tapajo´ s River. A total of 456 adults from 13 villages were interviewed and provided hair samples for Hg analysis. Results showed that perceptions of QoL and health are relatively positive, despite elevated Hg exposure. Logistic regression analyses showed that a positive perception of QoL was associated with the absence of chronic illnesses, not smoking, fruit consumption, residing on the banks of the Tapajo´ s, and living in an in-migrants’ community. The positive perception of health was associated with younger age, the absence of reported symptoms of chronic illnesses, and drinking alcoholic beverages. Cluster analysis revealed that the group that reported the highest QoL had a traditional lifestyle, involving daily fishing and high fish consumption. However, this traditional lifestyle is associated with elevated Hg levels and early reported symptoms potentially linked to Hg exposure. These findings underline the importance of understanding the factors underlying QoL to develop adequate strategies to reduce Hg exposure and promote well-being.
Project Number: 101416
Project Title: Mercury Exposure and Ecosystem Health in the Amazon (CARUSO) - Phase III
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