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Title: Forest dependence and household welfare : empirical evidence from Kenya
Authors: Kabubo-Mariara, Jane
Gachoki, Charles
Keywords: POVERTY
Date: 2008
Publisher: Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA), University of Pretoria, Pretoria, ZA
Series/Report no.: CEEPA discussion paper; no. 41
Abstract: This paper explores the role of forest in household welfare in Kenya. The paper uses primary household level data collected from Nakuru district in November and December 2006. The household level data is supplemented by a community survey to gather community level information on market access among other factors. Both descriptive and econometric methods are used to explore the correlates of participation in forest activities and also in forest collective action. The paper also analyses the contribution of forests to income distribution in the study sample using the Lorenz curve approach. The paper further explores resource extraction and the economic reliance of households on forests. The results suggest that forests play an important role as safety nets that cushion households during periods of hardship. The results also suggest that forests play an important role as a gap-filler and as a source of regular subsistence use and also an important role in poverty reduction. The econometric results point at the role of household heterogeneity in terms of willingness to participate in forest collective action and private resource endowments in influencing economic reliance on forests. The results further suggest that both the poor and the less poor derive a substantive share of incomes from forest activities and that forests are not necessarily poverty traps for rural households. Forest policies need to take into account tradeoffs between forest extraction and forest degradation and also consider targeting of households in forest use and management depending on household heterogeneities in both current and permanent incomes.
ISBN: 1-920160-41-8
Project Number: 104296
Project Title: Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa
Access: Open Access
Copyright: Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA)
License: OA Permission License
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