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Title: Automating a citizen oriented service in a developing country context
Authors: Kettani, Driss
El Mahdi, Asmae
Date: 2005
Publisher: Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, MA
Abstract: Fez e-Government Project, which is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) aims to develop a pilot E-Government system for the city of Fez that will allow citizens to request and receive governmental services in an easy and efficient way. The project has been underway for one year now. It has been implemented towards initiating the introduction and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Fez municipal service delivery, especially the delivery related to the bureau of “Etat Civil” (BEC). Though this bureau has daily and direct contact with the local community by providing citizen oriented services, it has remained archaic: the service delivery is conducted in manual, paper-based manner. Accordingly, the archaic functioning of this bureau involves various problems in delivering services to citizens. Therefore, the project has been pursued towards automating the back-office and enabling an electronic front-office. For instance, the project has worked on computerizing the BEC citizens’ records, for the back office, and developing a portal and a related kiosk, for the front office, available for public use and adapted to illiterate end users to facilitate the request of Birth Certificates. In this respect, one major outcome of Fez e-Government Project will be improvement in good governance since the project implementation will lead to increased transparency, rule of law, responsiveness, equity, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as accountability. During the period lasting from December 2004 to March 2005 a secondary and primary research was conducted in order to gain insight about aspects related to the study area for Fez e-Government project, Fez Agdal Arrondissement and its Agdal “Etat Civil” Bureau (BEC). In addition to reviewing the existing literature, qualitative research was used to create a “triad” of materials as background to investigate a variety of aspects preliminary to the larger project including: “Etat Civil” significance and reasons underlying its “archaic” situation; Birth Certificate delivery process and its associated problems, and finally the contribution of the ongoing Fez e-Government project in making BEC service delivery more-citizen-friendly, and hence, improving good governance indicators.
Project Number: 101980
Project Title: Electronic Government Pilot Project (Morocco)
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