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Title: Fuel for the clean energy debate : a study of fuelwood collection and purchase in rural India
Authors: Mishra, Arabinda
Bellamy, Rufus
Date: 2008
Publisher: SANDEE, Kathmandu, NP
Series/Report no.: SANDEE policy brief / South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; no. 34-08
Abstract: In many parts of rural India the use of wood for fuel is the cause of significant environmental and health problems. Efforts to help people switch to cleaner fuels have not been effective and fuelwood use remains high in the countryside. To help find a solution to this challenge, a new SANDEE study from the districts of Orissa has looked at the factors that influence fuelwood use amongst village people. It finds that people are more likely to switch from collecting to purchasing fuel wood as they become better off. However, it also finds that when households reach a certain level of affluence they may switch back to using local labour to collect fuelwood for them.
Description: This policy brief is based on SANDEE working paper no. 37-08 "Determinants of fuelwood use in rural India : implications for managing the energy transition"
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Project Number: 102580
Project Title: South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE)
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Copyright: South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE)
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