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Title: Building National Health Research Information System - COHRED : health research web; final technical report for the period March 27, 2008 - September 27, 2009
Authors: IJsselmuiden, Carel
de Haan, Sylvia
Abreu, David
Nieto, María Claudia
Date: 2009
Publisher: Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), Geneva, CH
Abstract: Health Research Web is a web-based, interactive and growing source of information on the structure and organization of research for health in and for low and middle income countries. The goal of Health Research Web is to maximize the impact of research on health, equity and development in low and middle income countries and to improve the lives of under-served populations everywhere. // This project supported the progression of HRWeb from a web site of static web pages, to phase 2, an interactive platform and management system offering in-depth information on national health research systems (NHRS). // The purpose of this project was to develop HRWeb country pages for Senegal and Zambia, and in doing this, documenting challenges and lessons learned in the development, maintenance and use of HRWeb in these two countries. This was to inform HRWeb’s development and strategy on issues and needs of users of web platforms in low income and low bandwidth situations, to guiding the ‘scaling up’ of HRWeb in other countries. // The main lessons learned touched on the issue of data sensitivity. Users want different levels of accesses and protected spaces for governmental and institutional data. Regarding maintenance and the use of HRWeb, the project team found that the technical and infrastructure conditions are adequate in the study countries and that the real challenge is how to engage users and secure their long-term involvement. The government can play an important role in this process. In Senegal, the government proved to be an essential catalyst for the creation of awareness around the platform among stakeholders. // The major outcome of this project is the development of a new technology, the current HRWeb platform that has been shaped and informed by the lessons learned. While it is too soon to measure the outcomes in terms of user adoption and behaviour change, we can say that adoption and adaptation to this new technology will require fundamental changes in people’s and organisations’ working culture.
Project Number: 105097
Project Title: Building National Health Research Information Systems (COHRED)
Access: Open Access
Copyright: Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED)
License: MGC signed March 27, 2008
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