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Title: Introducing participatory curriculum development in China's higher education : the case of Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Authors: Vernooy, Ronnie
Qi Gubo
Xu Xiuli
Zuo Ting
Li Xiaoyun
Date: 2008
Publisher: Routledge, London?, GB
Abstract: This article describes and reflects on a novel course developed at China Agricultural University to introduce Community-Based Natural Resource Management at the postgraduate level. This course, part of a larger educational renewal initiative addressing the current reform of China’s higher education system, was developed through a participatory curriculum development methodology bringing together teachers and researchers from five different organizations, as well as a dynamic group of MSc and PhD students. The course development process and the actual delivery in the classroom and in the field were guided by insights from adult teaching and learning theory. These were adapted to the Chinese reality. Results assessed to date from the experimentation with this completely new approach in China encompass conceptual, attitudinal, methodological, and practical changes. The experiences and insights accumulated so far serve as entry points for the expansion of participatory curriculum development practice in China. They also provide a ground for deepening learning theory.
Project Number: 102009
Project Title: Community Based Natural Resources Management: Toward Centres of Excellence in Asia
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