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Title: Managing trade-offs in agroforestry : from conflict to collaboration in natural resource management
Authors: German, Laura
Charamila, Sarah
Tolera, Tesema
Date: 2006
Publisher: AHI, Kampala, UG
Series/Report no.: AHI working paper / African Highlands Initiative; no. 10
Abstract: Scientific and lay conceptions shape recommendation domains, no less so for agroforestry than for other areas of natural resource management. The belief that trees are by definition ecologically-benign and socially-neutral has led to the unqualified promotion of certain fast-growing and economically profitable tree species in the eastern African highlands. Yet ethnobotanical research in the eastern African highlands highlights a number of negative social and environmental impacts from trees. Following a brief introduction to the nature of these impacts, the chapter is dedicated to a discussion of approaches being developed under the umbrella of the African Highlands Initiative to make explicit and to manage the trade-offs inherent in species selection. It also highlights some promising avenues through which a more nuanced and sociallyinformed agroforestry may evolve.
Project Number: 101592
Project Title: African Highlands Resource Management - Phase III
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