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Title: Using diversity research awards program : a study on economics of mixed cropping ecological agriculture practices at Kohalpur, Rajhena and Noubasta VDCs, Banke District, Nepal; final technical report (July 2004 to April 2006)
Authors: USC Nepal
Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO)
Date: 2006
Publisher: USC Nepal, Kathmandu, NP
Abstract: This research project ‘A study on economics of mixed cropping ecological agriculture practices’ was launched on July 1st, 2004 and ended on April 30th 2006. Twenty farmers including 6 females led the research activities. The researching farmers are from Kohalpur,Rajhena and Noubasta VDCs of Banke district. Each of the farmers from either group allotted 2 kattha ( 640 Sq meter) of land to carry out the experiment over the period of 18 months. They were divided into two groups, 10 farmers in each group, to conduct the research separately by engaging one group in ecological mixed cropping, and the other experimenting with chemical intensive mixed cropping. The farmers themselves involve in research works and produce varieties of nutritional local foods through mixed cropping system. Their major findings are organic farming is less expensive comparing to chemical farming and profitable too. The farmers learnt that compost softens the soil, increase the prevalence of worms in the soil, moisten the soil, and keep the grasses green throughout the year. Organic mixed-cropping has little risk as even if the farmer incurs loss in one crop the other compensates. Chemical farming has less chance of it. Organic farming is local resources based. It has also helped on management of waste products using at compost and to keep the areas clean and environmentally sound. They also encouraged others to do the mixed cropping in the area. They participated in the training /workshops and disseminate information by developing the demo plots, organizing the agricultural exhibition, developing local flock songs and publishing audiovisual materials. They also formed the local ecological agriculture practitioner groups and act as pressure and advocacy groups to influence at policy level.
Project Number: 101681
Project Title: Promoting Peace and Food Security by Strengthening Biodiversity-based Livelihoods (South Asia)
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