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Title: Knowledge to policy : making the most of development research
Authors: Carden, Fred
Date: 2009
Publisher: IDRC, Ottawa, ON, CA
Abstract: Does research influence public policy and decision-making and, if so, how? This book is the most recent to address this question, investigating the effects of research in the field of international development. It starts from a sophisticated understanding about how research influences public policy and decision-making. It shows how research can contribute to better governance in at least three ways: by encouraging open inquiry and debate, by empowering people with the knowledge to hold governments accountable, and by enlarging the array of policy options and solutions available to the policy process. Knowledge to Policy examines the consequences of 23 research projects funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre. Key findings and case studies from Asia, Africa, and Latin America are presented in a reader-friendly, journalistic style, giving the reader a deeper grasp and understanding of approaches, contexts, relationships, and events. The book will be useful to academics, researchers, and students of political science, public administration, development studies, and international affairs; professionals in donor and development organizations worldwide; policy- and decision-makers in government and international arenas; and development agencies and civil society organizations concerned with integrating the voice of citizens into policy- and decision-making processes.
Description: Co-published with SAGE Publications
Library has French version: Des connaissances aux politiques : tirer le meilleur parti possible de la recherche en développement
Library has Spanish version: Del conocimiento a la política : máximo aprovechamiento de la investigación para el desarrollo
Library has Arabic version
Library has Mandarin version
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ISBN: 987-1-55250-417-8
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