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Title: Interview of Dr. William David Hopper by Robert Reford on the work of the International Development Research Centre
Authors: Hopper, William David
Reford, Robert
Date: 1977
Publisher: IDRC, Ottawa, ON, CA
Abstract: Robert Reford, Executive Director of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs interviews the founding president of IDRC, Dr. William David Hopper who is preparing to leave the Centre for the World Bank. Dr. Hopper talks about the creation of IDRC in 1970 and discusses the most pressing development issues during his tenure as president. These include the crisis in world food production and population pressures which have resulted in food shortage and demand in developing countries and how agricultural research strategies are improving farming techniques and creating new crop varieties. Dr. Hopper highlights the success of IDRC research support in these areas. He concludes with a summary of Canada’s international aid policy and the challenges ahead for IDRC and research development support.
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