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Title: Factors affecting the efficiency of abrasive type dehulling of grain legumes investigated with a new intermediate sized, batch dehuller
Authors: Reichert, R.D.
Oomah, B.D.
Youngs, C.G.
Issue Date: 1984
Citation: Reichert, R.D., Oomah, B.D., & Youngs, C.G. (1984). Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Abrasive-Type Dehulling of Grain Legumes Investigated with a New Intermediate-Sized, Batch Dehuller. Journal of Food Science, 49: 267-272.doi:10.1111/j.1365-2621.1984.tb13723.x
Abstract: An intermediate-sized, batch dehuller capable of processing 2-8 kg of a wide variety of cereal or legume grains was developed. Grains are dehulled by abrasion provided by abrasive wheels (10 in, diam) mounted on a horizontal shaft. The dehuller was successfully applied to eight legume grains varying widely in seed characteristics. The yield of dehulled grain after at least 90% of the hull had been removed, ranged from 74-89%. Dehulling efficiency, a measure of the amount of hull in the abraded material, ranged from 0.11-0.72. Multiple-regression analysis showed that greater than 75% of the variability in dehulling efficiency or yield could be accounted for by seed hardness and resistance to splitting of the seed into individual cotyledons.
Project Number: 780008
Project Title: Sorghum / Millet Milling and Quality (PRL)
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Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division / Division des sciences de l'agriculture, de l'alimentation et de la nutrition
1980s / Années 1980

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