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1-Aug-2016I am humanAl Bahrani, YusurIDRC Only
29-Jan-2016I am not a ñoqui : the story behind the state’s mass layoffsLalani, AzzuraIDRC Only
2007I need my own mobile phone : use of mobile phones and payphones in GhanaSey, ArabaIDRC Only
2002I've seen researchers in the South standing at the forefront, defining problems and developing countriesO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
1988I.L. Head's remarks to the Board of Governors, Mar. 1988Head, I.L.Open Access
2009i4d (information for development) : gender and ICTs, vol. VII no. 7, July-September 2009Gupta, RaviOpen Access
2007i4d programme report on IDRC support for January 2006-December 2006Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS)IDRC Only
2009IAAST reportsInternational Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD)IDRC Only
1999IAFFE newsletter, v. 9, no. 2, Aug. 1999Lucas, L.IDRC Only
2009IANAS science funding landscape workshop : Latin America and the Caribbean; Guatemala City, July 26-28, 2009Cáceres, Armando; Franco, Edgar; Acevedo, Enrique; del Carmen Samayoa, MaríaIDRC Only
2009IAWS newsletter : special issue, vol. 2, no. 5, December 2009Anandhi, S.IDRC Only
1999Ibadan, NigeriaOnibokun, A.G.; Kumuyi, A.J.Open Access
1975IBE and an international network for educational informationInternational Bureau of EducationIDRC Only
1977IBPGR and FAO programs for the collection of crop germ plasm and its long term conservationSykes, J.T.Open Access
1990IBPGR's new concept for the conservation and utilization of germplasm : global crop networksEngels, J.M.M.Open Access
1986IBSRAM progress report, 1986International Board for Soil Research and ManagementIDRC Only
2007ICA (Institut pour la Connectivité dans les Amériques) d'un coup d'oeilInstitut pour la connectivité dans les AmériquesOpen Access
2007ICA (Institute for Connectivity in the Americas) at a glanceInstitute for Connectivity in the AmericasOpen Access
1978ICARDA : agricultura en tierras secasDorozynski, A.Open Access