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2009E-citizens and the role of context in explaining e-governance implementation : lessons from e-local governance research in AfricaWaema, Timothy MwololoIDRC Only
2005E-citizenship, good governance and ICTKaufman, EsterOpen Access
2005E-ciudadanía, prácticas de buen gobierno y TICKaufman, EsterOpen Access
2005E-commerce in the Asian context : selected case studiesLafond, Renald; Sinha, ChaitaliOpen Access
2003E-gouvernance : vers une nouvelle approche de la coopération internationale dans l'économie du savoir; Assemblée annuelle conjointe des administrateurs de la Banque interaméricaine de développement et de la Société interaméricaine d'investissement, Fiera di Milano, Milan (Italie), 21 mars 2003 (intervention au colloque)O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2014E-gouvernement pour la bonne gouvernance dans les pays en développement : l'expérience du projet eFezKettani, Driss; Moulin, BernardOpen Access
2003E-governance : towards a new approach to international cooperation in the knowledge economy; annual meeting of the joint Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy, 21 Mar. 2003 (an address at the seminar)O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2003E-governance gains : with the right technology, and proper governance, countries around the world increase the speed of development; global viewO'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
2007E-governance in Africa : from theory to action; a handbook on ICTs for local governanceMisuraca, Gianluca C.Open Access
2008E-government and local good governance : a pilot project in Fez, MoroccoKettani, Driss; Moulin, Bernard; Gurstein, Michael; El Mahdi, AsmaeOpen Access
2004E-government for better governance : Morocco's first pilot experienceKettani, Driss; Ghailani, MaherIDRC Only
2014E-government for good governance in developing countries : empirical evidence from the eFez ProjectKettani, Driss; Moulin, BernardOpen Access
2014E-government for good governance in developing countries : empirical evidence from the eFez Project [Arabic version]Kettani, Driss; Moulin, BernardOpen Access
2007E-green revolution in Uruguay's classroomsMurray, SusanOpen Access
2007E-Health is a facilitator not an alternative to conventional healthcare - time to prove e-health investment is lucrative than investment in general healthcareClarke, Michael; Chittoor, Jaya; Mallick, RumiIDRC Only
2002E-marketers of South IndiaChin Saik YoonOpen Access
2011E-Participation towards Legislation: The Case of the PhilippinesRoxas, Rachel Edita O; Borra, Allan B; Cheng, Charibeth K; Ona, Sherwin EIDRC Only
2003E-remesas : hacia una política integral de remesas para la región CentroamericanaRobinson, S.S.IDRC Only
2003E-remesas Panel Presentation in Honduras : report-IDRC Only
2010E-Rwanda : innovative strides in healthcareAnyango, Gloria I.IDRC Only