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2011Cooperative behavior, social capital and development : evidence from the Mekong River Delta in VietnamPham Khanh NamOpen Access
2010Cooperative BICM-OFDM: Sub-carrier and power allocationIslam, T; Schober, R; Mallik, R K; Bhargava, V K-
1989Cooperative education center accounts : payroll and record keeping systemLema, Sara N.IDRC Only
1982Cooperative fisheries arrangements between Pacific coastal states and distant water nationsMunro, G.R.Open Access
1974Cooperative international agricultural researchHulse, J.H.Open Access
1979Cooperative international development research : towards an enhanced application of Canada's R & D expertise to problems of the developing countriesWalker, J.A.S.; Canada. Ministry of State for Science and TechnologyIDRC Only
1979Cooperative international development research : volume 2, supporting data and sub-studiesWalker, J.A.S.; Burkart, R.; Canada. Ministry of State for Science and TechnologyIDRC Only
1978Cooperative management and technical agriculture training of members and officers of Samahang NayonUniversity of the Philippines at Los Baños, Agricultural Credit and Cooperatives InstituteIDRC Only
1980Cooperative programs : lecture given in Vancouver at the Simon Fraser University Seminar, Dec. 8, 9 and 10, 1980Corea, E.Open Access
1981Cooperative programs launchedIDRC; Corea, E.Open Access
1973Cooperative project between the Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) and the Instituto Agronomico (IA), Campinas, Brazil : inactivation of pathogenic organisms of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) by heat and other treatmentsCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Instituto Agronomico; Lozano, J.C.IDRC Only
2006Cooperative relations between Mexico and HaitiAlba, Carlos; Vega, GustavoIDRC Only
1986Cooperatives in Burkina Faso : a spirit of self - developmentHuot, F.Open Access
1986Cooperativismo agrario y educación popular : el caso de la Oscar Robelo, no. 1Montis, M. de; Baumeister, E.IDRC Only
2001Coopération canadienne et la recherche universitaire au Cameroun : le cas du projet tabersonineAffa'a, F.M.; Des Lierres, T.Open Access
1979Coopération du Canada avec l'Afrique francophone dans le domaine des bibliothèques et de la documentationMurray-Lachapelle, R.IDRC Only
1981Coopération française pour le développement : politique d'information scientifique et techniqueAubrac, R.IDRC Only
1965Coopération internationale : donner ou recevoirde Chantal, J.IDRC Only
1992Coopération internationale en recherche agricole : un guide à l'intention des chercheurs canadiensCRDIOpen Access
1984Coopérative de recherche développement : ABRAAD; Association burkinabé de recherche - action et d'auto-formation pour le développementUnité transnationale de recherche - action Nord - Sud; Université d'Ottawa, IDIC, Unité de recherche et de formation coopératives; Université coopérative internationale; Bédard, G.; Desroche, H.IDRC Only