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2007Country report : Tanzania; managing risk and reducing vulnerability of agricultural systems under variable and changing climateSokoine University of Agriculture. Soil-Water Management Research ProgrammeIDRC Only
2006Country report for Bolivia, Central AndesOverseas Development Institute; Viscarra, Rommy; Rushton, JonathanIDRC Only
2006Country report for Honduras, Central AmericaOverseas Development Institute; Rushton, Jonathan; Viscarra, Rommy; Mercado, Ranfis; Barrance, AdrianIDRC Only
1990Country report on linseed and safflower in PakistanRana, M.A.; Sharif, M.; Chaudhry, H.Open Access
1987Country report on the Republic of KoreaKi Sang ChoiIDRC Only
2000Country report on violence against women in Sri LankaCentre for Women's Research; Wanasundera, LeelangiIDRC Only
1978Country report: culture and fertility : IndonesiaSuparlan, P.; Sigit, H.IDRC Only
2008Country team sees major potential of CBMS in anti-poverty strategy of TanzaniaReyes, Celia M.; Liguton, Jennifer P.T.IDRC Only
1979Countryside manufacturers and suppliers directoryUniversity of the Philippines at Diliman; TECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1999Coupe à blanc : activités illégales d'exploitation forestière et de commerce du bois dans les tropiquesCRDI; Réseau international des amis de la terre; Glastra, R.Open Access
1979Courir après son painFleury, J.M.Open Access
1992Courrier de l'abonnéInstitut africain pour le développement économique et social. Centre africain de formationIDRC Only
1979Course à l'informatique : l'avenir de la coopération scientifique et technique va se trouver modifié par l'usage de l'informatiqueAubrac, R.IDRC Only
1993Course destination monde : choix final 1992 - 1993Société Radio - CanadaIDRC Only
1973Course démographie - développement économiquePradervand, P.Open Access
1992Course Europe - Asie 1990-1991 : sélection jurySociété Radio-CanadaIDRC Only
1990Course Europe - Asie : 05/11/90Société Radio - CanadaIDRC Only
1990Course evaluation (with conclusion and recommendations) : training of trainers course on urban management and finance for Anglophone African countries; Lilongwe, Malawi, 29 October-23 November, 1990Fisher, Fred; Sudra, TomaszIDRC Only
1984Course materials : Forest Research Management Development Programme, Singapore, 22 October-10 November, 1984National University of SingaporeIDRC Only
2008Course on Peace Violence and Development, 10 March - 31 May 2008 : SDPI Training WorkshopCentre for Capacity BuildingIDRC Only