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1987Cost benefit analysis of industrial safety (Korea) : final reportHahn, Bae Ho; Park, Chae Heung; Ro, Kong Kyun; Kim, Won ChulIDRC Only
1989Cost benefit analysis of private returns to university schoolingGalabawa, J.C.J.IDRC Only
1973Cost benefit analysis of the Barbados Family Planning ProgrammeBalakrishnan, T.R.IDRC Only
1978Cost benefit of different technological options in the context of a differentiated oligopoly : the case of the Argentine cigarette industryIDB/ECLA Research Programme in Science and Technology; Fidel, Julio; Lucángeli, JorgeIDRC Only
1989Cost constraints on root and tuber crops production in yam based cropping system of South East NigeriaNeweke, F.I.; Ugwu, B.O.; Asadu, C.L.A.; Ezumah, H.C.IDRC Only
1978Cost effectiveness analysis and optimal resource allocation : the Philippine family planning programPernia, E.M.; Danao, R.A.IDRC Only
1978Cost effectiveness analysis of Kavar Auxiliary Village Health Workers' Project, IranAyatollahi, S.M.T.IDRC Only
2010Cost effectiveness assessment of Uganda health information networkShinyekwa, IsaacOpen Access
2010Cost Effectiveness of Personal Digital Assistants in Health Information System in Rakai and Lyantonde Districts, UgandaTumwesigye, Nazarius MbonaIDRC Only
2008Cost of corruption in Vietnam : perception vs. realityLe Van Lan; Nguyen Dinh CuIDRC Only
1977Cost of foreign aid to developing countriesKappagoda, N.Open Access
1992Cost of limiting CO2 emissions : windfarm and small hydro power generationHossain, J.; Sinha, C.S.Open Access
1982Cost of rural primary education : case studies methodologyOficina de Investigaciones Socioeconómicas y LegalesIDRC Only
1997Cost sharing and local accountability : alternatives to the financing of health services in UgandaMwesigye, F.; Atungire, D.IDRC Only
1999Cost sharing in education and health : perspectives from Eastern and Southern AfricaEast and Southern African Universities Research Programme; Ogbu, O.; Maliyamkono, T.L.IDRC Only
1985Cost structure of selected research institutes in India : social sciences, health and agricultureNayyar, R.IDRC Only
2004Cost structure, economies of scale and their effect on the competitiveness of Palestinian industriesMakhool, Basim; Atyani, NasrOpen Access
1995Cost-benefit analysis and environmental policies of recycling livestock wastes in suburbs, ChinaJiang XueminIDRC Only
2006Cost-benefit analysis for coastal sand shrimp farming in VietnamPhan, Thi Giac Tam; Nguyen, Vu HuyIDRC Only
2013Cost-benefit analysis for R. Mayur, KhulnaDasgupta, PurnamitaIDRC Only