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2002Coping with water crisis in CubaBonnefoy, P.Open Access
1982Coping without schoolsEducational Development Projects Implementing Task Force; Arong, F.J.R.IDRC Only
2012Copper effects on key metabolic enzymes and mitochondrial membrane potential in gills of the estuarine crab Neohelice granulata at different salinitiesMachado Lauer, Mariana; Bento de Oliveira, Camila; Inocencio Yano, Natalia Lie; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
1990Copra processing and small scale oil millingAsian and Pacific Coconut CommunityIDRC Only
1983Copublication : strategies for multilanguage publication in agricultureIRRIIDRC Only
1988Copy of two lessons (model) developed at ECNU for active learning project : 1. Active learning: Monsoon influence on China's weather, 1985; 2. Active learning: Shanghai - local geography, 1988East China Normal University; University of VictoriaIDRC Only
2009Copyright and A2K in Africa : research findings on limitations and exceptions from an eight-country studyAfrican Copyright and Access to Knowledge Network (ACA2K)Open Access
2009Copyright and Access to Knowledge (A2K) in Africa : an empirical studyKawooya, DickIDRC Only
Feb-2006Copyright and access to knowledge : policy recommendations on flexibilities in copyright lawsConsumers International. Asia Pacific OfficeIDRC Only
2010Copyright and education : lessons on African copyright and access to knowledgeSchonwetter, Tobias; de Beer, Jeremy; Kawooya, Dick; Prabhala, AchalOpen Access
1979Coquilles de protéinesShirkie, R.Open Access
2006CORAF/ILRI collaborative research programme final report : crop-livestock integration for sustainable natural resources management in the sub-humid and highland zones of west and central Africa : Cameroon, Côte d'Ivore, Ghana and TogoNdikumana, JeanIDRC Only
1991Corail empoisonné pour un aquariumPepall, J.Open Access
1991Coral destruction for an aquariumPepall, J.Open Access
1994Coral griefIDRC; CIDA; TVOntario; Millar, L.; Moffit, C.; DeCory, J.IDRC Only
1991Coral reef monitoring for management of marine parks : cases from the Insular Caribbean; paper prepared for the IDRC workshop on common property resources, Winnipeg, Canada, Sept. 1991Caribbean Natural Resources Institute; Smith, Allan H.; van't Hof.,TomIDRC Only
2004Corales y su conservaciónCooperativa Autogestionaria de Servicios Profesionales para la Solidaridad Social; Solís, Vivienne; Cortés, Jorge; Alvarado, Juan JoséIDRC Only
1980Corelatos de mortalidad infantil en la provincia de MisionesCentro de Estudios de PoblaciónIDRC Only
1990Corn weevil, Sitophilus zeamais motsch (Coleoptera: curculionidae) : a population modelCaliboso, F.M.IDRC Only
1979Corned beef and tapioca : a report on the food distribution systems in TongaAustralian National University, Development Studies Centre; University of the South Pacific, Centre for Applied Studies in Development; Hau'ofa, E.IDRC Only