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2004Cost structure, economies of scale and their effect on the competitiveness of Palestinian industriesMakhool, Basim; Atyani, NasrOpen Access
1995Cost-benefit analysis and environmental policies of recycling livestock wastes in suburbs, ChinaJiang XueminIDRC Only
2006Cost-benefit analysis for coastal sand shrimp farming in VietnamPhan, Thi Giac Tam; Nguyen, Vu HuyIDRC Only
2013Cost-benefit analysis for R. Mayur, KhulnaDasgupta, PurnamitaIDRC Only
2008Cost-benefit analysis of alternative pig waste disposal methods used in ThailandKiratikarnkul, SiripornOpen Access
2003Cost-benefit analysis of resettlement policy : a case study of Ob Luang National Park, Northern ThailandNabangchang, OrapanOpen Access
2011Cost-benefit analysis of selected interventions to address urban poverty and environment in Ariana-Soukra, Colombo, Dakar, Jakarta and Kampala : final reportHorbulyk, Ted; Laplante, BenoîtOpen Access
2012Cost-benefit analysis of substituting bamboo for tobacco : a case study of smallholder tobacco farmers in South Nyanza, KenyaMagati, Peter Omari; Kibwage, Jacob K.; Omondi, Seth Gor; Ruigu, George; Omwansa, WinfredOpen Access
2009Cost-effectiveness analysis for controlling ground level ozone in Beijing and its surrounding areasXie Xuxuan; Wu DanOpen Access
2009Cost-effectiveness of policy options for sustainable wetland conservation : a case study of Qixinghe Wetland, ChinaWu Jian; Wang Xiaoxia; Niu Kunyu; Li ShushanOpen Access
1996Costa de Marfil : las tejas del éxitoNdiaye, KhodiaOpen Access
2014Costa RicaVillegas Román, HaroldIDRC Only
1990Costa Rica : field study manual; project to assess a summer institute for teachersIDRC, Communications DivisionIDRC Only
1976Costa Rica : migración rural-rural y estructura agraria en el período 1950-1963Buarque de Hollanda, T.; Cercone, C.R.IDRC Only
1980Costa Rica : proyecto de instrumentos de politíca y planificación científicaConsejo Nacional para Investigaciones Científicas y TecnológicasIDRC Only
1977Costa Rica and the world : a view of the futureStrong, M.F.IDRC Only
1994Costa Rica exchangeMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
1991Costa Rica natural resource accounting study : final project reportTropical Science Center; World Resources InstituteIDRC Only
Jan-2013Costa Rica's ageing future : turning points and policy options; a look towards 2040 and beyondDonehower, GretchenIDRC Only
1986Costa Rica: el proceso de desarrollo y la conformación del sistema de transportes en el período 1950-1985Fonseca Corrales, M.; Garnier Rímolo, L.; Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, J.; Hess, Araya, H.; Umaña Quesada, A.IDRC Only