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Dec-2013Brief 2 : management of the Tanzania-Malawi border dispute; the quest for policy interventionsZotto, JamesIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 2 : perils of democratization by power sharing; lessons from Zimbabwe (2009-2013)Hlamalani Chitanga, GideonIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 3 : implementing the responsibility to protect through agenda one of Kenya's national accordKamungi, PriscaIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 3 : maximizing the use of the media as a tool for popularizing the African peer review mechanismJiboku, Peace A.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 4 : political representation of women and the construction of gender relations in the Democratic Republic of CongoWelepele Elatre, CamilleIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 4 : reflections on the movement for democratic change's defeat in the July 2013 election in ZimbabweMukwedeya, Tatenda G.IDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 5 : ensuring the electoral process in Cameroon through the biometric system: stakes and challenges of the 2013 legislative and municipal electionsTouse, JosianeIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 5 : rethinking the deregulation of Nigeria's downstream oil sectorAkinola, AdeoyeIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 6 : electoral reforms and the credibility of elections in Nigeria; 2015 and beyondOrievulu, Kingsley StephenIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 6 : towards a viable energy policy for mitigating hydro-electric power crises in GhanaAdu-Bempah Brobbey, CollinsIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 7 : (un) intended consequences of the closure and relocation of South Africa's refugee reception offices to border areasMusuva, CatherineIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 7 : protecting peace and its dividends in Kogi state: the roles of state institutionsAduojo Obaje, TimothyIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 8 : enhancing executive-legislative accountability in MozambiqueShenga, CarlosIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 8 : indigenous Majang people at risk in Gambella region, Ethiopia; the time to take action on land grabbing is nowMesfin, SeyoumIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 9 : multi-directional change; regulating public transport fares and payments in ZimbabweMutongwizo, TariroIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 9 : strengthening the legitimacy of the Malawi parliamentJana, MichaelIDRC Only
1986Brief concerning involvement in the environment and development issues in the Pribilof IslandsFlying Tomato Productions; Swibold, Susanne M.IDRC Only
1983Brief consultancy report (Oct. 1, 1982 to Apr. 30, 1983)del Castillo, R.IDRC Only
1986Brief for the WCEDFriends of the Earth; Stuart, Jane; Kines, WayneIDRC Only
1972Brief introduction to efficient documentation of projects in economic and social developmentInter-Organization Board for Information Systems and Related ActivitiesIDRC Only