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1991Briques cuites Rwanda : construction du four no 1 - été 1991-IDRC Only
Apr-2003Briser le cercle vicieux de la pauvreté en Éthiopie : de nouvelles pratiques culturales et sanitaires améliorent revenus et santéCrawley, MikeOpen Access
2002British Columbia (BC) Community Forestry Forum, Victoria, BC, 14-16 Mar. 2002 : final reportAmbus, L.IDRC Only
1978Broad beans (Vicia faba) and dry peas (Pisum sativum) in EthiopiaTelaye, A.Open Access
30-Sep-2013Broadband and development : evidence and new research directions from Latin America; final technical reportGalperin, Hernan; Mariscal, Judith; Barrantes, RoxanaOpen Access
2008Broadband infrastructure in Africa : fiber technologyAdam, LishanIDRC Only
2009Broadcasting governance : Developments in Broadcasting, WIPO, Geneva, 25 May 2009Gillwald, AlisonOpen Access
2010Broadcasting voices of vulnerable children : a community radio drama for and by orphans and vulnerable children in Monkey Bay, Malawi through Training and Research Support Centre and Community Minders for Peoples DevelopmentTraining and Research Centre (TARSC); Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa (EQUINET); Country Minders for Peoples' Development (CMPD)IDRC Only
1974Broadening of the triticale germ plasm base by primary hexaploid triticale production-Open Access
2001Broadening the benefits of trade : the Latin America Trade NetworkConway, K.Open Access
1991Broadening the media of communication of agricultural information and its role in agricultural developmentLiu Shixing; Li Cuie; Gong JunjieOpen Access
1989Broadening the scope of democratization : the struggles of mothers in school - family relationsSchmukler, B.IDRC Only
1989Broken black tea proceecing [processing]Chinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
2009Broken promises : a G-20 summit; report by Global Trade AlertEvenett, Simon J.IDRC Only
1995Brooding process in the Chilean oyster, Ostrea chilensis (Philippi, 1845)Chaparro, O.R.IDRC Only
1978Broomrape (Orobanche crenata) resistance in broad beans : breeding work in EgyptNassib, A.M.; Ibrahim, A.A.; Saber, H.A.Open Access
1993Brouillards qui désaltèrentNewton, PeterOpen Access
2011Brown Cloud penetrates Bhutan : ambient air quality and trans-boundary pollution in BhutanPannozzo, LindaOpen Access
1990Brucellosis in animals : control and preventative measures in JordanAbdul Aziz, N.; Schenkel, F.Open Access
1984Bruchid control with traditionally used insecticidal plants Hyptis spicigera and Cassia nigricansLambert, J.D.H.; Gale, J.; Arnason, J.T.; Philogene, B.J.R.IDRC Only