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1975Buhi Rural Development Center project, Buhi, Camarines Sur, PhilippinesSilva, T.Open Access
6-Jan-2010Building a Community ICT Network in Mozambique : final technical report, 1 April 2006 - 30 November 2009Gaster, PollyIDRC Only
Jul-2014Building a culture of evidence-based planning : a process document; the Nigeria Evidence-based Health System Initiative (NEHSI) approach in Bauchi and Cross River StatesIDRC. Nigeria Evidence-based Health System Initiative (NEHSI)Open Access
2005Building a fisheries research networkKavanagh, PatrickOpen Access
2009Building a GSM enabled information, communication and transaction system for small holder farmers in Kenya : the outcome mapping reportNyangaga, JuliusIDRC Only
2002Building a partnership to better assess the impact of housing improvements on health : a trans-disciplinary global health research project based in Cuba; final reportUniversity of British Columbia, Liu Institute of Global Issues; Institute of Health Promotion Research; University of Manitoba; University of Calgary; National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology, and Microbiology; National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery; Spiegel, J.M.; Aldama, A.; Barcelo, C.; Dunn, J.R.; Loucks, E.B.IDRC Only
2000Building a peaceful and sustainable future : democratic governance, decentralization and reconstruction in Southern Africa; final narrative reportHope, K.R.Open Access
2005Building a remote sensing - ethnographic framework for improved coastal management decision making : proceedings of the International Coastal Zone Conference, New Orleans, USANewman, C.M.; LeDrew, E.F.IDRC Only
2009Building a sustainable framework for open access to research data through information and communication technologies : a research paper prepared for and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) CanadaChristian, Gideon EmceeOpen Access
2011Building a sustainable future for Africa's extractive industry : from vision to actionCampbell, BonnieOpen Access
2009Building a virtual global research institute to support maternal and child health researchers particularly those in low-income countriesHamilton, RichardIDRC Only
2010Building adaptive capacity to cope with increasing vulnerability due to climate change : final technical report - Zimbabwe (30 September 2010)Mugabe, F.T.; Munodawafa, A.; Dimes, J.; Nanja, D.H.; Carberry, P.Open Access
2007Building adaptive capacity to cope with increasing vulnerability due to climate change : report of the Inception Workshop, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 7-8 June 2007Mugabe, FrancisIDRC Only
2008Building adaptive capacity to cope with increasing vulnerability due to climatic change in Africa : a new approachTwomlowa, Steve; Mugabeb, Francis T.; Mwalec, Moses; Delve, Robert; Nanja, Durton; Carberry, Peter; Howden, MarkIDRC Only
3-Apr-1996Building Africa's information highway : the case of MozambiqueTelecommunications Foundation of Africa (TFA)IDRC Only
Mar-2012Building African Capacity in Science, Technology and Innovation IndicatorsGault, FredOpen Access
2007Building agriculture, development and trade Latin-American networkDias, JoanaIDRC Only
2009Building an alternative e-governance model : lessons from e-Gram in GujaratNuggehalli, Roshni KishoreOpen Access
2005Building an economics profession in Africa : an evaluation phase V of the African Economic Research Consortium; final reportHassan, Rashid; Rempel, HenryOpen Access
2011Building an Urban Integrated Crisis Management System to Strengthen the Government’s Ability to Respond to EmergenciesPeien, Qiu; Yongbing, WangIDRC Only