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2012Bridging the gap in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific regionKulsomboon, Vithaya; Yang, Bong-min; Hu, ShanlianIDRC Only
1996Bridging the gaps in Internet development in AfricaJensen, M.Open Access
2004Bridging the growing divide between scientific know - how and field - level do - howM.S. Swaminathan Research FoundationOpen Access
Aug-2014Brief 1 : enhancing democracy in Lesotho through civic educationNgozwana, NomazuluIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 1 : tackling the political economy of conflict over AbyeiGebrekidan, Getachew Z.IDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 10 : implications of the drama festival on sustainable peace in KenyaNjageh, Ann Rita K.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 10 : the future of the Congress of South African Trade UnionsMasiya, TyanaiIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 11 : making municipal councils friendly to women councillors in CameroonEtah, Ayuk epse Fonjock JustineIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 11 : the youth bulge crisis and insecurity in Kenya; rethinking policy optionsManyange, Damaris N.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 12 : amendment of the intelligence legislation to strengthen intelligence oversight in UgandaSolomon, AsiimweIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 12 : re-act review and amendment of the Sudan Domestic Servants Act in line with The ILO Domestic Workers Convention, 2011, C189Elobeid, Hadelzein M.E.S.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 13 : kidnapping and security challenge in Nigeria; perceived causes and solutionsOlu-Owolabi, E.F.IDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 13 : mass desertion of soldiers from the Zimbabwe National Army in post-2000 crisis; a call for amnestyMaringira, GodfreyIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 14 : understanding gender in climate change adaptation for food security in CameroonNdie Abia, Christine; Endeley, Joyce B.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 15 : mitigating challenges of anti – homosexuality legislation in UgandaChama, JuliusIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 2 : management of the Tanzania-Malawi border dispute; the quest for policy interventionsZotto, JamesIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 2 : perils of democratization by power sharing; lessons from Zimbabwe (2009-2013)Hlamalani Chitanga, GideonIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 3 : implementing the responsibility to protect through agenda one of Kenya's national accordKamungi, PriscaIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 3 : maximizing the use of the media as a tool for popularizing the African peer review mechanismJiboku, Peace A.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 4 : political representation of women and the construction of gender relations in the Democratic Republic of CongoWelepele Elatre, CamilleIDRC Only