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1994Breeding a better bananaHibler, Michelle; Hardy, DianeOpen Access
1996Breeding a better bean : the horizontal resistance approachPowell, DouglasOpen Access
1985Breeding and improving casuarina for shelterbelt plantations in Egypt : phase II; testing and evaluation of selected material; final reportAlexandria University, Dept. of Forestry; El-Lakany, M.H.IDRC Only
1980Breeding and nursing of sand goby-IDRC Only
1988Breeding and seed production of chinese cabbage in the tropics and subtropicsAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center; Opeña, R.T.; Kuo, C.G.; Yoon, J.Y.IDRC Only
Jun-2003Breeding better barley - together : a new way to work with farmers in dry areasVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
1986Breeding better legumes : faba beans, chickpeas, and lentilsSimarski, L.T.Open Access
1981Breeding cassava resistant to pests and diseases in ZaireSingh, T.P.Open Access
1976Breeding for resistance to African cassava mosaic disease : progress and prospectsJennings, D.L.Open Access
1976Breeding for resistance to cassava bacterial blightHahn, S.K.; Howland, A.K.Open Access
1971Breeding for resistance to sorghum shoot fly in Uganda.Doggett, H.Open Access
1987Breeding maize cultivars resistant to streak virus diseaseMalithano, A.D.; Nijimbere, M.; Kayibigi, M.IDRC Only
1974Breeding sorghum for improved grain qualityDoggett, H.Open Access
1986Breeding strategies for small ruminants in integrated crop livestock production systemsBradford, G.E.; Subandriyo; Iniquez, L.C.Open Access
1977Breeding strategy for the nutritional improvement of pulsesHawtin, G.C.; Rachie, K.O.; Green, J.M.Open Access
1992Bremerhaven caissons : experience and results of experiments with dispersed crude oil in intertidal enclosuresFarke, H.; Guenther, C.P.; Arntz, W.Open Access
22-Jun-1997Breve caracterización de los principales métodos de extracción señalMiranda López, ManuelIDRC Only
1985Breve caracterización y comportamiento de la economía costarricense, período 1950 a 1980Proyecto de Instrumentos de Política y Planificación Científica y Tecnológica para Centroamérica y Panamá; Corrales, Jose LuisIDRC Only
1985Breve descripción del estudio "La enseñanza y el aprendizaje de la matemática en la República Dominicana" (EAMRD)Luna, E.; Yunén, R.; González, S.IDRC Only
1977Breve descripción del sistema educativo paraguayoCentro Paraguayo de Estudios Sociológicos; Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Desarrollo Económico y Social; Institut fuer Iberoamerika-Kunde; Palau Viladesau, T.IDRC Only