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2006Brasil está nu! : o avanço da monocultura da soja, o grão que cresceu demaisNoronha, Silvia; Schlesinger, SergioIDRC Only
1990Brassica production and research in PakistanUllah Khan, R.; Rana, M.A.Open Access
1990Brassica Sub-network achievements and activities, 1987-88Belayneh, H.Open Access
2013BrazilFlôres, Renato G.Open Access
1993Brazil : the country that kills kidsMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Cavalcanti, O.B.IDRC Only
2002Brazil : the emergence of a world power / Brésil : l'émergence d'une puissance mondiale; proceedings of the conference held at Glendon College on Feb. 23, 2002 and field trip experiences and impressions (Apr. 9 - May 3, 2002)Costa, Edith da; Dionne, Jessica; Faija, Maria; Barbosa Nunes, Rosana; Mazzeo, DomenicoIDRC Only
2007Brazil and Canada in the AmericasImbert, Patrick; Pessoa, Carlos; Torres, Vladimir; Duarte Villa, Rafael; Barbosa, RosanaIDRC Only
1990Brazil as a creditor : sterling balances, 1940-1952de P. Abreu, M.IDRC Only
23-Dec-2014Brazil country studyMachado, Maíra; Paschoal, BrunoIDRC Only
23-Dec-2014Brazil country study [Spanish version]Machado, Maíra; Paschoal, BrunoIDRC Only
2006Brazil facing Haiti : institutions, actors and initiatives in international cooperation; technical reportSilva Seitenfus, Ricardo AntonioIDRC Only
2007Brazil in the 1990'sVeiga, Jose Eli daIDRC Only
1977Brazil is growing its own fuelDorozynski, AlexanderOpen Access
1977Brazil National System for Agricultural Documentation and InformationUNDP; FAO; Lendvay, O.; Menou, M.Open Access
1991Brazil planning study for technology transfer of the PATH HIV dipstick testProgram for Appropriate Technology in HealthIDRC Only
2002Brazil policy brief : health sector reform and equity; from discourse to practiceJungueira, V.; Pessoto, U.C.; Kayano, J.; Nascimento, P.R.; Castro, I.Y.N.IDRC Only
1986Brazil small community water treatment plant evaluationDroste, R.L.Open Access
1987Brazil's cruzado plan : nipped in the budJanoff, D.Open Access
2009Brazilian biodiesel policy : social and environmental considerations of sustainabilityGucciardi Garcez, Catherine Aliana; Nildo de Souza Vianna, JoãoIDRC Only
1994Brazilian daycares : weighing the risks and benefitsMarchand, DenisOpen Access