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1990Brazo protectorStanley, B.Open Access
2008Breaching trust : an analysis of surveillance and security practices on China's TOM-Skype platformVilleneuve, NartIDRC Only
1975Bread and better things : IDRC review, 1974/75Sanger, ClydeOpen Access
1975Bread and better things : IDRC review, 1974/75 [Arabic version]Sanger, ClydeOpen Access
2005Breaking Africa's dependency syndrome : economist Connie Freeman sings a different tune on aid and developmentFreeman, C.; McGregor, S.IDRC Only
2006Breaking barriers : the potential of free and open source software for sustainable human development; a compilation of case studies from across the worldNah Soo Hoe; UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme (UNDP-APDIP)Open Access
2013Breaking barriers empowering young women to participate in democratic politics : manual for facilitatorsUniversity of Sierra Leone. The Gender, Research and Documentation Centre and the Political Science Departments; 50/50 Group of Sierra LeoneOpen Access
1990Breaking new groundIDRC; Bailey, C.; Whitehead, W.; del Grandé, L.; McKee, N.Open Access
2007Breaking new ground : new approaches to people-centred natural resource management and conservation in Southern Africa; final technical report, Apr. 2003 - Dec. 2006-IDRC Only
1993Breaking new ground in Dar Es SalaamLee, MarilynOpen Access
15-Aug-2014Breaking the barrier of internet information acquisition : question answering systems for smartphone; final technical reportXiaoyan Zhu; Ming Li; Yu HaoOpen Access
1985Breaking the breeding barrier : Sino-Canadian research on induced fish spawningWeimin, Z.Open Access
1983Breaking the cycleDupont, J.Open Access
Apr-2003Breaking the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia : agricultural and sanitary practices improve incomes and healthCrawley, MikeOpen Access
2004Breaking the rules, stretching the rules 2004 : evidence of violations of the international code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes and subsequent resolutions-IDRC Only
1980Breaking the vicious bilharzia circleLand, T.IDRC Only
1998Breast feeding and growth in Western Kenyan toddlersOnyango, A.W.IDRC Only
1984Breast feeding and infant mortality due to infectious diseases : a case control study in Brazil-IDRC Only
1988Breastfeeding : a neglected household level weaning food resourceBradley, J.; Baldwin, S.; Armstrong, H.Open Access
1990Breastfeeding : the best start in lifeConsumers' Association of PenangIDRC Only